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vegetable-based inks
About Our Vegetable-Based Inks

Wizard Graphics' Vegetable Inks

Wizard Graphics uses only the highest quality vegetable-based inks in all of our printing.
Our Inks look and feel exactly the same as hazerdous petroleum based inks.
Wizard Graphics' vegetable-based inks provide excellent dot fidelity, gloss and rub resistance, while maintaining their ability to accept off-line finishing applications, such as laser printing, foil stamping, imprinting or ink-jetting.

Our process-color inks are made from a blend of vegetable oils,
and contain extremely low VOCs
(less than 3%).
"Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapour pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere... A wide range of carbon-based molecules, such as aldehydes, ketones, and hydrocarbons are VOC's. VOCs are sometimes accidentally released into the environment, where they can damage soil and groundwater... Vapours of VOCs escaping into the air contribute to air pollution." defenition of VOCs courtesy of www.wikipedia.org

We use only stay-open process inks.
Traditionally, commercial printing inks form a skin and dry in the ink fountain of the printing press, and must be changed and discarded daily. Stay-open inks by contrast only dry once applied to the paper. By exclusively using stay-open inks, virtually all of the ink that we consume goes onto the paper. Wizard Graphics estimates that we eliminate at least 2,000 lbs of ink waste annually by using vegetable-based stay-open process ink, in fact, we only generated about 150 lbs of ink waste in 2006.

Vegetable-based Ink vs. Soy-Based Ink
Many consumers have been trained to request Soy-Based Inks for environmentally sensitive printing projects. This is due to some extent to a large scale mass-marketing campaign launched by The Iowa Soybean Association. While Soy-Based inks are of excellent quality, and most are very eco-friendly, our research shows that many vegetable-based inks are actually just as beneficial, and in some cases "greener" than their Soy counterparts.

Vegetable-Based Inks share all of the benefits of being petrolieum free with soy-based inks, but do not rely solely on production of a single plant-oil crop.

While we have tested and used a variety of Soy-Based Inks in the past, we have not yet been able to find one that is as low in VOC's, and at the same time stay-open. We feel that Wizard Graphics is using the most eco-friendly ink that we have come across in the commercial arena, however for custom orders we can, use Soy-Based inks instead of Vegetable Oil-Based Inks upon request.


Other Ink Data:

• Our inks contain a minimum of 45% renewable resource content.

• Contain no more than 5% by weight of petroleum distillates




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